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Versuri Work it out
- Jerzee Monet

Hey baby
Hey look
Dinner'll be ready at 8
If your not gonna be on time
Call me okay
I know I know
But you know how you sometimes forget to call
Then I be worried.

Dinner date
Always late
Didn't get a phone call
I cook
Pay bills
Still I make it home
What's going on boy
Between me and you
We don't talk no more
Kiss no more
Don't know what to do

I don't wanna fight no more
Stayin up at night no more
This ain't feelin right no more
Let me know, can we work it out? (Can we work it out)
I don't wanna hurt no more
This ain't gonna work no more
Wanna make love no more (I don't wanna make love no more)
Let me know
Can we work it out.

We both know that
When we fight no body wins
If I give in
Will you give in
So we can make amends
There's sometimes when I feel rough
Makes me wanna cry
I'm willin to put away my pride
I wanna make it right.


I just wanna work it out.