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Versuri Jeremih - Ex-to-see

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[Verse 1]
Oh, oh, hot, hot damn, damn, look what we done got here
I know about your new mans, but I overheard that he not here
You know how we be out here
Creep, creep when you want, 6, 6 in the morning
And you be leavin' out here
You know it ain't nothin' else out here
C4, you know, I propose Valley type like Amber Rose
Legs up, field goal, you'd swear I won the Super Bowl
(Every time we touch down)
Oh yeah, we've been once before here
So it's like our anniversary, tone it, tone it, tone it
Now every time you turn around
That a*s make me turn around and pa*s
And then we'll end it fast, right back to the future
Swear when she get in her stance, ya'll, y'all don't understand
I done got caught up in this jam, but I got, got real used to it

My ex, ex, ex, ex
Ex, ex, ex, ex, ex
Ex, ex, ex, ex
Ex, ex, ex, ex
That's my ex, ex, ex
Ex, ex, ex, ex, ex
Ex, ex, ex, ex (what up?) ex, ex
Tonight I got my ex, ex, ex, ex
Ex, ex, ex, ex, ex
Ex, ex, ex
She my ex, ex, ex, ex (***)
Ex, ex, ex, ex, ex, (my ex)
Ex, ex, ex, ex

[Verse 2]
They say time flies, oh, what up? That's lies
30 Double-Ds, that's thighs
Wanna run with me? Fast type
Say she miss them old times
Smack, smackin' that a*s, high fives
Twistin' up that sci-fi, we headed to the Mile High
I'm gone man, sky high, king s***, Mufasa
You lukewarm, I'm hot, hot, that's why we in our spot
That's all night, pull up to the club in all white
VIP she be textin' me so recklessly, my girl next to me (what?)
But that's my ex, she do this s***t the best
And when it comes to PE, she's pa*sin' all of my tests
There you go, oh, get that A
S***, why wait? Sneak her out
Am I out of my space, goin' down memory lane?
Ain't nothin' gon' change, ain't no one to blame but


Ex, ex, ex, ex
I got my ex to see tonight
She knows my ecstasy
Take me into ecstasy

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