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Versuri Jennifer Lopez - Qué hiciste - english translation

trimise de Y0papushikY0papushik.

Yesterday we both dreamed with a perfect world,
Yesterday the words exceeded our lips,
Because in our eyes we glanced each other's soul
And the truth did not hesitate in your look.

Yesterday we promised each other to conquer the entire world,
Yesterday you swore to me this love would last forever,
Because to be mistaken once is enough,
To learn what is to love sincerely.


What have you done? Today you've destroyed hope with your pride,
Today you dimmed with your fury my glance,
You've erased all our story with your rage,
And you've mistaken so much love that I gave to you,
With a permission to break my soul like this.

What have you done? You forced us to destroy the dawns,
And your words erased our nights,
My illusions ended with your farces,
You forgot that love was what mattered,
And with your hands you've teared down our house.

Tomorrow shall a new day dawn in my universe,
Tomorrow I will not see your name written between my verses,
I will not listen to words of regret,
I will painless ignore your remorse.

Tomorrow I'll forget that yesterday I was your faithful loving one,
Tomorrow there won't be even reasons for me to hate you,
I will erase all your dreams of my dreams,
Shall the wind drag the memories of you forever.

(Repeat Chorus)

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