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Versuri Jennifer Lopez - I've been thinkin'

trimise de AkadellaAkadella.

Verse 1
All I need is a place to be
And a way to feel
A space to figure out where I belong
A chance to know my thoughts
And find a way to show
What I feel...
And If this is real...

Don't wanna disappoint you
Don't wanna let you down
Cause that's the last thing I would do
Im asking for you patience
I realize I could loose you
But lately I've been so confused

I've been thinkin' (thinking)
You've been on my mind (on my mind)
So I've been praying (praying)
To find a way that I (a way that I)
Can be sure, the way that (the way that)
You've been sure with me (sure with me)
Don't you want that for me

Verse 2
Wondering endlessly if this is right or wrong
Or if it's just about me all along
All I need is time to search within my soul
So I can share a deeper part of me...



Baby, what's meant to be (what was meant to be)
Will surely be (will surely be baby)
If you love me baby you would understand
But I can't give you anything (can't give you anything)
If I don't have myself to give (if I don't have myself to give)
And it's killing me inside...

Chorus x2

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