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Versuri Jb & The Moonshine Band - Perfect girl

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All alone the other I get to drinking and thinking about the woman of this old world,
Well I known quite a few but between me and you I ain't never met the perfect girl,
They either ain't that fun or way too young or they ain't got a lick of sense
Well I dunno if she exist but I'm making up a list that I'm checking 'em all against

She gotta be five foot eleven
She smells like heaven
She was born in eighty six or maybe eighty seven
She got full intention of getting her P. H. D.
She got a big ol' dually
A countrified booty
She's a certified bonified cold blooded cutie
If anybody knows where the perfect girl might be
Won't you tell her bout me

Well I don't mean to sound picky but relationships are tricky and I'm looking for a perfect fit,
I want a smoking hot honey with a whole lot of money who's favorite thing is sharing it,
Well you can't really miss her hell she may be your sister but whoever she might be,
You'd be a real life saver if you do me one favor and put in a good word for me


You can tell her that I'm all alone and to call me if she would
You can tell her frickin anything as long as it's all good


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