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Versuri Jay-Z - Super ugly

[verse 1:]
I got myself a gun
Brooklyn, stand up
I got myself a gun
but really, I dont need tha heat
ya heart pump project kool-aid (ya sweet)
I aint gotta two-way you gays
this is not beef
this is rap hommie
i dont have a scratch on me
you feel Jay soft
rip jay off
damn im only worth over a hundred million
i got beef with like a hundred children
niggaz with pink suits
tryin to get cute
you a little outta line hommie
dont let the 9 hommie
put ya out ya mind hommie
bitch keep tryin hommie
kick yo little lies
i kick my real facts
like u sneakin out tha back
at tha Source Soundlab (uh)
we wasnt chasin you
we had a tape and too
we came through to do our little one, two thang
It wasnt a rockafella come through thing
if it was on like that
why would i come through Queens
Yo, ya'll Queens nigga know how I do
i got mo' shooters in Queens Bridge than u
Niggaz'll (niggaz will) tie you up on the Colloseum roof
and open beer bottles off ya boy's chipped tooth
Look Here,

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