Reservoir dogs - versuri Jay-Z |
Reservoir dogs - versuri Jay-Z |
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Versuri Jay-Z - Reservoir dogs

F***k -- s***t is real right here
Roc-a-Fella, LOX, takin the streets over motherf***kers
Don't get it twisted
Yo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo
Yo shut the f***k up 'fore I blast and Banned From TV your a*s
with no mask, look at the camera like what?
Yeah I did it like them sick white boys the court committed
To the death of me, I'm spaz like I'm on Ecstasy
Drop 100 bars for real like I'm lookin for a deal
If I ain't hungry, who the f***k is, I'm worse than them African kids
I ain't straight til my numbers match the Motorola? bid?
And walk the streets up in?? like I don't f***kin care
If I ain't strapped that means I took em off my Nike Airs
Get off mine, y'all talk s***t like little children
when I ride mine like bitched when I walk up in the building
Cause I catch tans in the winter, with wild w****s
Jet-skiin, while you keep warm at corner stores
I make it hot, floodin your block, the best way
Professionally, they'll find poison in your X-Ray
As I get roasted lookin at Biggie posted on my wall
Takin shots of Louie til I fall
Nuttin to lose, just load the clip up in the groove
and kick rhymes to the poster, til I swear Big move
My team, you would think was on Thorazine
How we floss and don't give a f***k what it's cost-ing

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