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Versuri Jay-Z feat Kanye West - Hate

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These niggas haters, and I made myself so easy to love,

[Kanye West]
Yeh, yeh
How much they hate it? very!
Kiss girls like Katy Perry,
I am never sprung but I Springer Jerry,
Don't try this at home,
Results may vary,
King like T. i But in the Chi, Larry,

Hoover, Hova,
Both are American Gangsters,
You choose whose colder,
Rappers get nasty in the booth but I can't even stomach myself, ulcer!
More realer cos I'm closer,
Had girlies in girdles wearing more than they supposed ta,
Poser, no sir,
My hussle, so Russell,
I stretch work, Yoga,
You know i got it down dog, Al Roker,
I used to knock pounds off,
It ain't nothing for me to knock Nouns off,
these MC's praying for my downfall,
They just haters, I wave at you,
I'm so player,
I'll never be done, I'm so reyer,

[Kanye West]
We killing the game, its not fair,
You muthaf-ckers stay right there,
cos we too high up in the air,
we blasting off just like a laser,
n-gga, pee-une, pee-une, pee-une
gimme back, gimme room room room,
DB9 like vroom vroom vroom,
Young Hov what we doin doin doin?

We ballin b-tches,
Eating ya'll food leaving dishes,
Why these n-ggas always talking Lear talk Ye?
Why I never see em at the clear port Ye?
Why always here they at the Airport?
Why i fly daily like i'm in the Airforce?
Therefore, please stop talking my ears off,
millionnaire talk,
You haters, you mad at me cos y'all paper,
need to get his muthaf-cking weight up,
Hold up,
waiter, I ain't done,
name one thing I ain't done,
it hurts when you say that I aint the one,
You haters,
How did i came your favorite,
i need to know because i care-ah,
i need you to love me cos i swear-ah,
Look here-ah, see Ye is running the Chi like ya Sayers,
Im running new york, i go the mayor on my pager,
you can't fade us, you haters,
i need you, stay back, i breathe you,
like air-ah, air-ah, air-ah,
yeah yeah yeah yeah-a
yeah yeah yeah yeah-a
where are my haters, i love all my haters
love all my haters, I love all my haters,
uh uh uh, haters,
hater hater....

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