It's hot (some like it hot) - versuri Jay-Z |
It's hot (some like it hot) - versuri Jay-Z |
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Versuri Jay-Z - It's hot (some like it hot)

Can't stop it nigga, uh
Mm-hmm, uh-huh, can't stop that
Timbaland uh-huh.. Jigga Man uh-huh
Yeah.. Brook, Brook-Brooklyn huh?
That's right
Put your motherf***kin hands together, uh-huh
Put your motherf***kin hands together
Yo, can't stop it

Yo show closer, J-to-the-A-Y-Hovah
Place shutter down, who the f***'ll f***k around?
Game spitter, Range sitter, Bentley driver nigga
Keep a full clip I have to empty out on niggaz
Hoe bagger, no slacker, get this s***t jumpin
like eight blacks, fo' crackers, get yo' a*s jumped
Crist' sipper, six dipper, wrist glitter nigga
Gat buster, a*s toucher.. c**t licker
Go against Jigga yo' a*s is dense
I'm about a dollar, what the f***k is 50 Cents?
Hot s***t, kick a nigga, turn these mics out
My jewelry so bright you can turn these lights out
Hovah's like Noah keep two in the truck
I'm like U-Haul; every bitch move when I f***k
You move slut, I gotta put two in your butt
I'm everything: the when's, why's, who's, and what
Nigga what?

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