In my lifetime (original ski mix) - versuri Jay-Z |
In my lifetime (original ski mix) - versuri Jay-Z |
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Versuri Jay-Z - In my lifetime (original ski mix)

This song here..
.. is dedicated to Danny Dan, and may he rest in peace
Who at his funeral left us with the words that
he did it his way (uh-huh, uh-huh)
So, I have no other choice but to do it my way
Uh-huh, uh-huh

Uhh! While niggaz are shootin stupid
I'm carefully plottin, ways to make it rotten
Well planned hits until you're long forgotten
Y'all niggaz that utilize my style don't hurt me, cause on the low
half of these rappin-*s niggaz wanna work for me
Now picture me standin on somebody block tryin to rock
I drop bombs and niggaz see me with that dough by eight o'clock
My feet never touch the concrete, just street sweep awards
While you're starin on my dick nigga, gimme yours!
I don't hassle with capsules cause that'll make the grass grow
and get a project nigga paid up the a***e
if I'ma risk a frisk, gettin my wrists wrapped up in steel
I'm out here tryin to make a mill', my s***t is real for real
While others worship guns I worship tons of money
tons of fun, laughin at s***t that ain't even funny
So I ain't pressed to make a CD, I took it slow
Eighty percent of these niggaz with deals
can't see me with the dough, uhh!

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