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Versuri Jay-Z - I know what girls like

[Verse One: Jay-Z]

Peep the scripts
Gold honey from the whips
Jumped out like YO!
Who the f***k you with
Flash the juice 'cause that's the rule
Damn I like a girl who spend a little cash for her shoes ***
Natural - Can I get at you?
Saw a spot on the body look nice with a tattoo
With my name, but didn't want to jump the gun
I Didn't Know how many niggas was humping hon
I said I never seen a face like yours before
And I been around some cute w****s before
That either me or my boys tore it up before
So I'm hoping you different
Let you push the 6
And give you a different life and
Baby if it's right jump on it in the morning
And ride it 'til the night
Want to buy you real jury when it hits the light
Bitches are momentarily lose they sight
She said

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