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Guilty until proven innocent - versuri Jay-Z |
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Versuri Jay-Z - Guilty until proven innocent

I thought this was America people!
Uhh, yeah, guilty until proven innocent huh?
That's how we workin huh? Okay
Before me there was many; after me there will be none
I am the one
Uh-huh, okay, I see how we playin

Yeah, I get it down - anxiously the public can't wait
Niggaz had to have it way before it's release date
Jigga get irate, press get it f***d up
Took me one point eight but I had to get it straight
Get the CD, twelve inch vinyl, get the tape
Jigga give out food for thought dog, get a plate
I get it down, get it krunk when I get in the state of mind
that what's mine is mine, nobody get to take
I don't bend, break, fold, scratch, go down
My mental rolodex see these words? I just don't know
I know stress, drama, niggaz upsettin my mama
Arrested, put in the lineup, tryin to put dents in my armor
But I'm a survivor, plus I'm liver than most
Out on bail, fifty thou', still ridin with toast
I ain't tryin to collide with folk,
but I don't want folk takin Jigga for joke
I guess you niggaz just woke - good morning!

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