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Versuri Jay-Z - Beanie siegel freestlye

Beenie Mack
Rocafella y'all

A yo two decades three years and still in order
I done stabbed sticks killed bricks drowned drops of water
Ate a million dollars
S***d four million quarters
Stuck mothers sisters aunt nieces and daughters
F***k taco bell
I run south of the border
Cop a whole pie and you working wit a quarter
Stay cased up like my man Rhyme Slaughter
Sleep in crack spots on off that water
Y'all scrape up for weed money and grub
Me and my man role in a Benz four dub
On our way to the club
Smoking weed out the jug
While most stay in court trying to plead wit the judge
Fist and wrist stay glitered up
Don pee sip it up to I spit it up
I f***k bitches who bust checks to flood my neck
Give me rough s*x
Huff wet
Bust teks
Feds eyeing, like I'm imported that s***t
I trying to be cased up in court for that s***t
I just want to breeze through sported that s***t
Laughing at them point niggaz snorting that s***t
Y'all niggaz would never finish that y'all be starting
Never could back up that s***t y'all be talking
I make you famous
I put your face on milk cartons
Beenie Mack smoother than Jerome on Martin
I keep the silence on the three eighty loughton
Quiets the bus but can't do s***t about this sparking
That's why I get my bodies right before darken
Your dogs ain't biting s***t, just doing a lot of barking
Your squads leaking
Fronting like y'all eating
Rent a little car get dress on the weekend
That that Joe s***t
You don't know me why you speaking?
Cause I shut down blocks and clock like Puerto Ricans
Beenie Mack rap gorilla
I'm out for the scrilla
Face it ain't no replacement for this killer

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