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Versuri Jay-Z - American dreamin'

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(Marvin Gaye)
dreamed of you this morning
than came the dawn and
i thought that you were here with me
if you could only see
how much you mean
that's all, thats all

(Chorus - Marvin Gaye)

(Verse 1)
this is the s***t you dream about with the homies steaming out
back back backing the beamers out
seems as our plan to get a grant to go off to college then pan have even out
we need it now--we need a town, we need a place to pitch we need a +mound+
for now im just a lazy boy day dreamin' in my lazy boy
and the cloud of smoke and it playing is Marvin
momma forgive me i should be thinking 'bout harboring
but thats too far away and niggas is starving
aint nothing wrong with my aim just gotta change the target
i got dreams of bagging snitoes besides the pillow
i see pies everytime my eyes glidoes
i see rides sixes i gotta get those
life's a bitch i hope to not make it a widow

(Chorus - Marvin Gaye)

(Verse 2)
you see your life right there and it seems right there
and it's not quite near it's not like we're
professionals moving the decimals
know where to cop? (Naw) got a connect (No)
who in the F knows how to be successful

need a personal Jesus im in to pectual
you says the texture it's all in the stars
it's like Tony LaRussa how you played the +Cards+
ya aint f**king with me, the ironies are
at all cost better before he gets bars
now lets start on your mark
get set let's go heat up the car
going in circles this a vicious cycle
this is a crash course this aint high school
wake up monday dreaming again
your a reality show, let the season begin

(Chorus - Marvin Gaye)

step one in his proccess scramble up in your projects
and head to the heights where big coke is proccessed
gotta convince them that you not from the precent
please speak slow cause he don't speaky no english
if he takes it light got in a couple of trips
and your money is straight, he's gon' give you consignment
now in the game where only time could tell
survive the droubts i wish you well
survive the droubts i wish you well?
how sick am i, i wish you health
i wish you wheels i wish you wealth
i wish you insight so you could see for your self
you could see the signs when the jackers is scheaming
and the cops is coming you could read their minds
you could see from behind you could re-define
the game as we know it one dream at a time i'm
american dreamin'

(Chorus - Marvin Gaye)

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