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Versuri Janis Joplin - Woman left lonley

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A woman left lonely will soon grow tired of waiting,
She? ll do crazy things, yeah, on lonely occasions.
A simple conversation for the new men now and again
Makes a touchy situation when a good face come into your head.
And when she gets lonely, she? s thinking? bout her man,
She knows he? s taking her for granted, yeah yeah,
Honey, she doesn? t understand, no no no no!
Well, the fevers of the night, they burn an unloved woman
Yeah, those red-hot flames try to push old love aside.
A woman left lonely, she? s the victim of her man, yes she is.
When he can? t keep up his own way, good Lord,
She? s got to do the best that she can, yeah!
A woman left lonely, Lord, that lonely gïrl,
Lord, Lord, Lord!

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