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Versuri Janis Joplin - Port arthur high school reunion

What do you think about your town since you've left and come back?

It's fantastic! I was across the river from the club last night,
I never had more fun in my life! Except sometimes in California I have more fun.

Do you plan to come back soon?

Oh? Er, er, er, I have no immediate plans, ha ha ha!!

Did you entertain in high school, at the high school, when you went back at the high school?

Only when I walked down the aisles, man. No, I did, no, I was, er,
I was a painter, and a sort of a recluse in high school. I've changed.

What happened?

I got liberated! I don't know, I just started to sing and singing makes you want to come out because
I feel, keeps you inside, you know? And once you start singing you just sort of want too talk to
people more
and go out more and, you know, your lifestyle's becomes more a come-out, flow-out thing instead of a
hold-it-and-be-quiet type.

How were you different from your schoolmates when you were a teenager?

I don't know, why don't you ask them?

Did they make you different?


Otherwise were you different in comparison with them, or were you?

I felt apart from them.

Did you take a part in football games?

I think not. I didn't go to the high school prom, and er...

Oh, you were asked, weren't you?

No, I wasn't. I don't think, I don't think they wanted to take me.
Till I'll be a hundred and sufferin'! It's enough to make you wanna sing the blues!

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