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Versuri Ja Rule - Thug life

featuring Case

What's the matter with your life?

[Ja Rule]
Everything from weed, price, from the gun to mic
I'm livin' my life runnin' through hell with no wife
It's sick, tell my lil' soldier Will
Go to bed and die, then wake up breathin' again
Cuz I'm all in even though the s***t ain't right
I wake up, sweating my life every night
Tell me, is you the devil that gon' get me?
Or is God don't feel like bein' involved wit' me
Too hard to hit me, but this life I sacrifice
My chrome lies to the dark, my daughter gon' see the light
If I die young it's cuz this nigga too high strung
It's scary to love a girl with too much weed in my lungs
Still niggas screamin' Ja's the one
Jokin' like God don't even got a son
My life

[Chorus -Case]
Thug life, everybody needs a clown
Thug life, love God sent to give
Thug life, everybody wanna be on top
Everybody livin' funky
? Every drop that's dropping?

Tell me, what's the matter with your bitch?

Baby, I don't respect s***t, with diamonds and live reckless
Pushing the six, top speed, getting my dick licked
I'm childish, one of a kind, one of my own
I'm about to lick the freak hoes with levels unknown
Touch a little, later on, f***k a little

The more resist the better, I'm in it for whatever
Feel me, I don't need these to get high
Give head to make a nigga kiss the sky
No lie, when s***t ain't right, turn the lights off
Put her on her stomach and f***k her 'til ya dick soft
When you on the streets, love, I met you
Kinda drunk with a light buzz, I respect you
Made me pay s***t, you right
Cuz every bitch need a lil' dick in they life
I betcha


Tell me, what's he puttin' in your mouth?

Nigga, ain't nuttin' goin' in need that's trail
But how told y'all 'bout how we gettin' it now
40-inch screen nigga, rocks gleam, nigga
You a customer, and I love a fiend, nigga
Cuz it's like the coke, cook up and come back
I load up the gat, tell niggas to hold hat
Help me, what I do is a trick of genius
I study the eyes of niggas who drunk semen
Learn to lean on the mean, yeah
Coverin' my ground, paying chips through the crack in the cement
It's on now cuz I got my vision together
What y'all thought? I was gon crawl blind forever?
It's now or never, c***t thoughts 'til I die
When you talk to me, motherf***ker, please look in my eyes
My life

[Chorus to end]

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