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Versuri Ja Rule - One of us

(One of us) Yeah, Rule
(One uf us) Yeah, nigga
If God were one of us
(One of us) What about that?
What if he was?
What if he was me?
(One of us) What the f***k would I do?

Lord, when I die pacify, crucify me
I rock a Devil cross, one's for the soul one's for the body
If I'm built then God dies, I wanna see God cry
Real tears from a burned out life in ten years
I sware I got the Devil in me, with no fear
If I hear I can't see, if I see I can't hear
It's the eerie little thing between deathness and blindness
Weakness and kindness, rejects and primaz
I'm on this when I'm hollerin', "Dear Lord, take me" (One of us)
(Baby) 'Cuz I ain't really happy here, can you blame me?
This game done changed me, made me an animal
I can't even laugh no more, my kids smile for me now
I'm the one-and-only, my momma's only child
Lord, save me before I go crazy
'Cuz if you, live through the strain
just to die from the pain, tell me
Would you believe that you could breathe again?

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