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Versuri Taxi
- Iveys

Only three miles from your home.

Now at last, we're alone.

Just because I telephoned for a taxi.

It may be just another car (car).

But it's more to me by far (far).

Forty miles per hour.

Sitting in a taxi, yeah.

Sitting in a taxi.

Only two miles from your door.

Like a palace of our own.

On imaginary thrones in a taxi.

I wish the lights would change to red (red).

They're green and we must go ahead (head).

I know the things I said.

Moving in a taxi, yeah (moving in a taxi).

Moving in a taxi, taxi, taxi.

Moving oh so fast (taxi).

Not so fast! (taxi).

Slow down! (taxi).

Slow down!.

Only one mile from your door.

Now, I'm on my own.

Making my way home in a taxi (moving in a taxi).

Taxi (moving in a taxi).

Taxi (moving in a taxi).


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