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Versuri Looking for my baby
- Iveys

I've traveled over land, I've traveled over sea.

Trying to find my baby, my baby, just for me.

Haven't found one yet, but this, I don't regret.

'Cause looking for my baby's much more fun.


Hi fli piddley po.

Looking for my baby in every town.

Hi fli piddley po.

Baby, I'm too young to settle down.

First, I think I will, then I think I won't.

"Marry one, I mean", but something tells me, "don't".

Then I carry on and I know it won't be long.

And while I wait, I'm having me some fun.


I think that I'm in love as many times I've been.

Until they start to plan a trip to Gretna Green.

Then I'll lose my mind, and a new babe, I must find.

'Cause looking for my baby's much more fun.


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