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Versuri I've been there once before
- Iveys

I had a dream last night that scared me.

Upon a strange and distant shore.

Although I know inside, it can't be.

I know that I've been there before.

I'd never been there in the daytime.

I might have been there in the night.

Although I know it was no playtime.

In fact, I've never known such fright.


I know that I have been there once before.

Although it's in the future, I am sure.

They fly by in their tight formation.

Each model dwarfs the ones before.

Metallic birds in their migration.

I know a few will fly no more.

A supersonic flying Delta.

A flying Fortress at its side.

Spectators flee in holy terror.

As they watch the two collide.

repeat CHORUS.

A day-long second and they're falling.

A plume of smoke, a sheet of flame.

I hear the sound of voices calling (calling).

[instrumental break (simulating the sound of planes crashing)].

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