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Versuri Fisherman version 2
- Iveys

'Tween the darkness and the light.

As the stars fade out of sight.

I can hear his shiny boots fall on the sand.

With a basket at his side and the morning full of pride.

You can see him cast his line with skillful hands.


Hey, hey, fisherman.

I wish you luck, that's all I can.

Hey, hey, fisherman.

Forget the world if that's your plan
As the morning turns to noon.

He's content to sit and croon.

And he lights his twisted pipe and settles down.

Onward goes the time as he tries new baited line.

So he digs another worm up from the ground.


'Tween the nightness and the light.

The line is taut, he has a bite.

And he hauls the beauty in with skillful pride.

And his patient mind is blown.

'Cause the fish is overgrown.

It was really worth the day for such a prize.

Hey, hey, fisherman.

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