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Versuri Crimson ship
- Iveys

My life was coloured, painting pictures out of tune.

You came from nowhere in a song.

It might have been the way I laughed, he made the jokes.

Could only show me what was wrong.


He took me flying on his crimson ship.

He never left me his number.

He took me flying on his crimson ship.

Then he was gone and I wondered.

Who put the knots on all the crosses on the hill?.

Why did the old man wash his hands?.

Who grew the flower that was big enough to kill?.

And blew the trumpet in the band, a-and.


Oh-oh, oh-oh.

When they were busy throwing kisses at the moon.

A father lost his mother's son.

And though they knew the resurrection would be soon.

The time was spent, they carried on, o-on.


Wondered [repeat and fade].

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