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Versuri Another day
- Israel Vibration

Look how the man them sit up pon the sidewalk
A set out them business
The woman them, some with little children,
See how they spread out
And it's the start of another day
That's how they work to get their pay
And they're trying to do their best
Each and every day
They'll sell you this
They'll sell you that
Goods, cash, delivery on the spot

They juggle among
Thieves and killers
Who sometimes rob, or shoot a higgler
Police and soldiers in the area
Man a run up and down because of fear, sah
Who is gonna control the situation
It's getting out of hand
There must be some way to hold it down.

Just the other day the man them satta
Pon the corner
Robber move through
And take them off guard sah
So they juck down a higgler
And rob him of him goods sah
They live pon the people them
Like when John Crow swarm dead meat
They cut off the lady finger
Just to take her ring sah
Wa kind a thing that you a deal with
Whoa yea
Can't go so way