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Versuri The boys of killybegs
- Irish Folksongs

There are wild and rocky hills on the coast of Donegal
And the fishermen are hearty, brave and free
and the big atlantic swell
is a thing they know right well
as they fight to make their living from the sea.

With a pleasant rolling sea and the herring running free
and our ships all gliding Gently through the foam
when the boats are loaded down
there'll be singing in the town
when the boys of killybegs come rollin home.

Now you're headed out to sea and the wind is blowing free
and you cast your nets as rain begins to fall
and the clouds are riding high and the wind will soon blow by
and today you'll amybe get your bumper haul.


Well the weather's very rough and the work gets plenty touth
and the ropes will raise the welts upon your hands
but you'll never leave the sea
for whoever you may be
when it's in your blood it's hard to live on land.


Now there's purple on the hills and there's green down by the shore
and the sun has cast it's gold upon the sea
and there's silver down below where the herring fishes go
if we catch them there'll be gold for you and me