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Versuri Coast of malabar
- Irish Folksongs

Far away across the ocean, underneath an Indian star
Dwells a dusky little (dark eyed lovely) maiden on the coast of Malabar
In the harbour, where we anchored, I can see her shy and sweet
With a bunch of wine-red roses and the wild waves at her feet.

Fare thee well, my little dark eyed queen fare thee well, my Indian star
In my heart you'll live forever on the coast of Malabar.

Many a happy night I spent with her, 'neath the palm trees green and tall
Many a happy night I danced with her down in yonder city hall
She would raise her misty little face and gaze across the bay
She would whisper "If you love me, why do you sail away? ".

Come to me, I hear her calling across the ocean wild and far
Come to me again and love me on the coast of Malabar
And my thoughts keep ever turning to that far-off distant shore
And to that dark eyed girl who loved me, but I'll see her never more