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Versuri Itazura na kiss - mischievous kiss (day by day - 6th ending) eng
- Inuyasha

trimise de Lizarazu2kLizarazu2k.

* Giving a mischievious kiss while making an innocent face
The malicious me is being childish
I've already gotten used to being called conceited
I just can't say the phrase "I love you"
My sweet emotion.

Checking that perfect smile one last time in front of the mirror
After jumping out in pursuit of excitement, let's walk with pride.

People walking down the street, nailing everyone's glance down
Surprisingly bold, almost laughable.

(Repeat *).

Filled with boredom, I just place my chin on my hands and nod at your words
The text-message I write during our conversation says "I'm feeling good with him right now".

Like trying on lots of clothes that are in fashion
Surprisingly greedy, almost dumbfounded.

Having you glope for love while making an innocent face
The courageous me is being childish
I've already realized how stubborn I'm being
But the more I love you, the more it gets in the way
My sweet emotion.

(Repeat *)