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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Whut

you don't like the way I am,
you don't like ICP & Twiztid,
always wit a hatchet... Whut,
F***k You,
this the way I am
I stay Scrubby even though I'm paid, Whut
Dropped out in the sixth grade, Whut
had syphilis three times, Whut
Committed mad felony crimes, Whut
Been a week I ain't washed my a*, Whut
Flunked outta special ed cla*, Whut
I'd slap John Gotti right here, Whut
But he's locked up now so neea, Whut
Carnivals beyond the dead, Whut
Still attack you without my head, Whut
Scrubatism I'm about, Whut
Slappin baywatch beauties in the mouth, Whut
Stomp ghosts that think they hard, Whut
Pickin fights up at the graveyard, Whut
You don't like me, I make you sick,
Come here and get a mouth full of dick,
cuz I am whut I am
I be whut I wanna be, WHUT
I act how I wanna act, WHUT
I see whut I wanna see, WHUT
I smack who I wanna smack, WHUT
I do whut I wanna do, WHUT
I go where I wanna go, WHUT
f***k you, you, you, and you, WHUT
forever I'm a juggalo, WHUT
I'll slap Michael Jackson's face off, Whut
I spread herpes every time I cough, Whut
I got head lice in my armpits, Whut
I sell nuclear bomb home kits, Whut
In church I'll wrestle a nun, Whut
F***kin twist ya nipples then run, Whut
I watch my neighbor in the shower,
Then Waggle my dick for a half an hour,
I pour percasets in a bowl, Whut
And eat'em like cereal, Whut
I be that neighborhood creep, Whut
Singin voodoo chants in my sleep, Whut
I put old ladies in head locks, Whut
And run wit they a*s for blocks, Whut
I rent studios and don't pay, Whut
(come on shaggy don't play) MIKE?
I am whut I am
Your mamas got a gla*s tittie wit a screw on nipple, whut
whut, yo mama live in a two story dorito bag,
she got a wooden leg wit a birdhouse in it,
I walk around beggin for change,
and kill mutha f***kaz who look at me strange, Whut
Psychopathic down til I die, Whut
I'll light a cigarette, and put it out in your eye, Whut
Smokes until my lungs explode, Whut
And punch you and ya moms and call ya dad a hoe, Whut
I don't give a f***k if ya hate, Whut
Just don't let me catch you hangin out on my side of the gate, Whut
Talk to the dead on the phone, Whut
If you ain't dead leave me the f***k alone, Whut
I call myself a juggalo, Whut
And scream it everywhere that I go, JUGGALO
Twiztid serial killaz commin to town, Whut
Dark Carnival and down wit the clown, Whut
Twiztid freekshow wickid clown bizzar, Whut
Check ya self cuz we are who we are bitch, Whut

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