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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Stomp!

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Take a look around ya, tell me what ya see?
Ya see flames and smoke... then there's me
I'm burnin' houses and jumpin telephone poles
They call me fireface, I'm suckin' hot coals
Give me a quarter, I'll buy a quarter worth of gas
Sneak in your house, and slowly poor it in your a*s
Blaze it up, you run around screechin' scorned
Your a*s is burnin', your nuts pop like pop corn
And when I see ya, I stomp all the flames out
Stomp your face then your a*s... stomp your titties
I'll stomp your balls, we stomp in my wicked town
Forks up and forks down, a wicked clown
I represent like a true gangbanger should
I paint the forks and your K's in your neighborhood
And when you see me, give a nod, say what up
Then walk away or I'll stomp your f***n mouth shut
When I'm done, I drink a couple gallons of gas
And then I stick a lighter in my a*s

Yeah, so if you down with the f***ng clown
Check it oooouuuuuttttt!!!!

I say stomp you say woo woo
STOMP! woo woo STOMP! woo woo
I say stomp you say woo woo
I say stomp you say woo woo
STOMP! woo woo STOMP! woo woo

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