Southwest strangla - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
Southwest strangla - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Southwest strangla

Ahhh make way for the lunatic I wanna stop,
I drive by the camp quick I want necks 2 or 3 maybe 4
To squeeze again, and again, and squeeze some more
I came up, walkin down Boulevard
Then this girl, she makes my nutsack hard
I don't know, what about my mental state
They might find a bitch dead, there's nothin that
I less hate Babe jump in, toots, hungry?
Well I got some, nuts Oh s***, she's suckin on my Wang
Then somethin goes, snap, bang Eek bitch, ha ha, die
Her neck long, skinny like a French fry
So I twist, turn, tangle then I strangle Cuz I'm the Southwest Strangla
I want necks, long, tall, skinny
Any ol' necks at all, if any Jenny, Linny, Sydney,
Sue I want, necks, so I go to the zoo I choke a Pelican,
I did it right I choke an Ostrich, long a*s neck
But I'd rather be killin at the prom I pick up my date,
I get to meet her mom Hello Miss I hurry home quick
All I wanna do is choke her neck, bitch Worry not,
I bring the corpse back I just wanna hear her neck
bone snap Why me? Hey I'm sweatin
Commotion, dilution, confusion, psycho
All I wanna do is kiss ya good-bye Before
I mangle ya Cuz I'm the Southwest Strangla
I got the southside scared, cuz I'm weird
I was a freak in the 2nd grade I had a beard
I sit alone in the back of the art cla*s
And draw necks with a big red dash
I never thought, I'd be a lunatic A disgrace
A dropped out mental case I quit school, but I never left the halls
I grab kids and drag 'em in between a wall
Hear 'em scream, echo through the gym cla*s
You hear me chokin bitches up in the wind shaft
They call me, The Ghost of the Bad Lands But
I'm really just a killa, with big hands
Allow me to squeeze your neck deer
Until your brains pops dead out your f***n ear
Bury them in my back yard
With a twisted spine broken bones Cuz I'm the Strangla

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