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[Violent J]
I like to suffercate people and bite their necks
They got me in a place it ain't like the rest
And all you gotta do is to try to go for the neck

And it's sedatives, sedatives
Like this, slow down
Color smeared all around
Weird sounds usin the mind of a clown
And the wicked one somehow spinnin' around
Movin' down the hallway with arms strapped down with sedatives

Hangin' all by the neck from the IV
Sedatives for the lively, stunnin' me
Ask me, no answer
I'm cuttin' your neck first chancer

[Violent J]
White walls, white floors, small rooms
After sedatives they become ballrooms
Crows fly by my window slow
Headed that way but lookin' at me though

Sedatives [8x]

I'm an accident, human malfunction at best
And I'm lookin at this scapel diggin' into yo chest, if I could only move but them sedatives
You know they savin' your life, them sedatives
Some of these other places are strong as hell, suffercatin'
one creep took me long as hell, but I took his sedatives
Well I thought they were sedatives, but they were only medatives

[Violent J]
I fake pain and call'em over and play dead
And make a fist full of hair out the nurse lady's head
High on sedatives again put me in a tiny place, chin strap muscle over my face
I threw a guy off the roof first day they admitted me, I was sedadated and that when it hit me
The only time I'm at peace is when I ain't even there, God tell me when the f***k am I here?
My point, lombotomy, my shock therapy, come clean me, nurse take care of me
I suffercated the last two they sent in alone
They had to stick me in the chest with a shot of methadown
Recreation time we went to the courtyard, four guards in white and they might be important
And the sky is blue, and I can watch trees grow, watch leaves flow, and join a sedative show

And I even had my very own room these days
White straight jacket, padded walls, and pjs
But there are so many ways, and every stunt I pull, I even slammed my own mouth on a toilet bowl,
for attention, maybe,
not to mention a sedative, even heard one guy say 'Why let him live? '
There are probably no sedatives in hell, and that's the only reason why I'm alive still

[Violent J]
The witch is everywhere and I can see that y'all, stab one nurse in the neck with a straw, a plastic
straw, but flimsy
and weak
But if you cork it with your thumb and hold it right [fweek]

I'm out here...

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