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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Santa killaz

"Hey, it's Christmas. It's Christmas in Detroit, we got a special
Christmas treat. We got Mike Clark on this s***, he's gonna rap.
And we got Fink from the eastside. Oh, and we also got 2 Dope. "

It's the holiday season, snow on the ground
Candy canes, cookies sprinkle the town
Everyone's jolly, happy, and merry
The dead sing carols in the cemetary
I went up to the mall to meet the Santa Claus
"Why you wanna meet the Santa Claus? "
Just because he's a star and I wanna get his autograph
"Did you meet the fat bastard? "
You don't know the half
So I'm waitin in the line with my pad and pen
I finally got up to the bitch and he had a grin
He said that he watches me and I'm a disgrace
So I reach for the nine and shot him in his spine
All the kiddies runnin, screamin and cryin
Santa ain't breathin, I think that he's dyin
He's tryin to move so I boot him in his grin
Ahh, bitch should've known about the Santa Claus killa

Santa Claus I'm comin, I'm comin, I'm comin
The Santa Claus Killaz

I'm a Santa Claus killa
Bitch what the f***k you know about
You knowin nothin
So f***k turkey and stuffin
I drink a straight forty
F***k that s***y egg nog
Cause I'm a wicked clown straight up freak dog
I gets paid, I'm pickin up the G s***t
And Santa Claus ain't never brought me s***t
The fat slop doesn't buy my bread and milk
So don't come around bitch and get your cap peeled
I'm Mike Clark
I'm dripping through Clark Park
In a 1981 Sky Lark
And it's dusted, dented and rusted
Don't look or get your lips busted
Santa Claus won't bring me a BM
So I'm gonna choke that bitch when I see him
MC Detroit Big Wheeler
But on Christmas Eve I'm a Santa Claus killa

"Oh, I'm so lonely around christmas, I miss Santa Claus.
He won't come to my house, I wonder if he's scared.
But that's okay, because if he won't come to me, I'll come to him.
Santa I'm coming to see you. Merry Christmas. "

It's Christmas Eve
Another time to deceive
I got another trick up my sleeve
He won't leave
I just wait tic-toc-ticky
Somebody told me f***k Saint Nickie
Nick, prick north pole hick
Bitch a*s sap, what the f***k is that?
Sounds like Rudolph and the whole click
It's time for some down with the clown G s***t
I hear the fat bitch in the chimney
Spark up the matches
Fire catches
And I burn that MOTHAFUCKA UP
"Ho, ho.. wha.. wha.. what the f***k! "
Cook his a*s with a crackling sound
Watch as the ash comes drifting down
I smoke them bones and I get much illa
The eastside G
The Santa Claus killa


One last minute, I gets deadly
Sit back children, check the medley
It's cold out, I could give a f***k less
Cause I'm waitin on a bitch in a red dress
A fat bitch with a big white beard
Strapped with a big lead pipe I'm geared
I hear bells, jing-a-ling-ding, jing-ting-ling-ding-a-ling
That's the sound, the dead man hear
The dead man hear when death is near
I take my pipe and say f***k it
Whip and lug it
Straight to the nugget
Out cold in a flash, a dash
Then I pushed his a*s off the ROOF and straight jacked the sleigh
The ghetto's payday from the Santa Claus killa


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