Night of the axe - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
Night of the axe - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Night of the axe

S***, I can't f***g take this
All this f***g pressure, I'm dying
Make me go motherf***g crazy
I got all these motherf***kers
Every where I go
They gonna come down on me
([Background:] Why don't you get a job, man?)
Oh no, here they come, man
Stop it, man, stop it, man
I can't f***g take it, HAHAHAHAH
Come on, man HAHA HAHA
There's no ouhahahat
Showed up at your high school prom
With an axe in my motherf***g palm
And I jumped out the first date swinging
Necks and backs went flinging and a toe
I went psychopathic
Choping throats with a hatchet
Cuz they try to get me
So I took a head with me
Ran down the hall butt-naked
If you gotta life I'm a take, huh
Cuz I got it going on
And I broke to the female john (AAAH!)
Motherf***kers think I'm sick
You ever seen a bitch take a s***, f***k dat
A lot of dookie-*s beef
Cuz female s***' is news to me
Climbed up the fire escape
How many lives can one motherf***ker take?
One life, two life, three life, four
Throw me a mach 10 I'll vow to take more
Fifty lives coming out, eighty
F***k this, I'm finna whoop this lady
Tied the bitch up to the lightpost
Slapped her in her face cuz I'm psycho
Beat her down and beat her up
...... F***king slut
So bitch make me wonder
Kicked her gut and left my number
Call me, f***g nympho
Then I threw her out the window
Broke and I climbed up a tree, guy
Came back down, I don't know why
Straight up insanity
Damn, if it ain't a family
I hope they come home soon
Cuz I'm waiting in the bedroom

I'm gone and I ditched the ride
And left the dead Wilsons inside
Jetting and I'm hopping fences
Finning through like my man in Caline, Texas
Cuz I'm psycholistic
You look once and you missed it
Look twice and it caught your eye
Me, beating the s***t out of some guy
With a bag of bricks
Impressing them dirty-*s sewer chicks
A club, though, you can't trust
Should of known when I jacked the bus
Fourteen passengers riding it
One naked psycho driving it
And we go and grip it
And they're be no slipping
Cuz I'm thinking the worst
S***t like woman and children die first
Make you shiver
When I drove that bitch in the river
Everybody dies
Only me survives
Innocent f***ks is what I want
So I'm heading for the restaraunt

There's always gotta be a hero
But I can't be stopped with silver bullets
Or a wooden stake
It's your life I quickly take
Don't talk s***, I take 'em
Take your life, take your life
Coppers and choppers persue
The boys in blue, the whole caroo
I do what they never think
So I'm heading for the 18th precinct
Cuz when they finally call it quits
I'll be there to cut their necks
And that's what I did
I hate a f***g pig
I get a job at the Donut Shop
Just to poison the cop
And I'll f***k you up in a straight jacket
Cuz they finally got me
Broke my legs and shot me
But I'm still laughing
Cuz of what happened on the night of the axe
On the night of the axe (just psycho)...


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