Murder go round - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
Murder go round - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Murder go round

[Violent J]
What can I say, man, I hit him with the brick
Killed the little prick, him and his chick
Tried to be slick but you ain't slinky
You're brinky, you're dinky, you suck my twinkie
I don't give a f***k if you call me a clown
Break it on down, it's murder go round
What'cha dishing out, I betcha ya it comes back to ya
If you're trying to creep, I'd hate to say I never knew ya
Once upon a time in the ghetto zone
A ten-foot led pipe slapped on my dome
I'm laying in the street with blood oozing out my head
Excuse me, motherf***ker, was it something I said
Forks up, forks down, man, forks sideways
Then he grabbed my finger and he said crime pays
Swung on his pipe once again for the road
"Hold up, dawg, " UH! this s***t gets old
Now I walk the streets with a shattered skull
I'm gonna swing my axe to his jaw
Where the motherf***ker at? Where the motherf***ker stay?
How ya gonna f***k with the juggla Jay-ay-ay
There he sits so I knock on the door
Pops opened up... pops hit the floor
Then I chop chop pops twice in his nugget
Well, he didn't do s***t, f***k it
It's the murder go round

[Violent J]
Well, it's me and my mellow mellow roll on Military
Gangbangers gangbangers, big bang fairy, kinda scary
Tags up all on the bricks
Latin Count, X-Men, CFP and all that s***t
We love gangbangers and we hope they love us back
We just some wicked clowns and it's been like that
I don't understand why some people in town
We witness your water still southwest down
But this motherf***ker gonna try and clown me
But I'm the juggalugalocoro, G
Took a shot and he missed, 2 Dope in the dust
"What I ain't got shot, bitch? ", so now you must
Take your ticket for the murder go round
Can't nobody kill a click-clack clown
Seen him and his boys smoking blunt in a bucket
Pulled out the dagger creeped up and I stuck it
Into his head, into his boy's head
Into his boy's head, his boy's head, his boy's head
Five dead f***ks in the trunk on deliver
Push that old piece of s***t in the river
The cat and my boys saw five go down
Can ya get a free ride? (No, not again)
On the murder go round (Nooo!!!)

Murder go round, murder go round
How ya gonna f***k with a wicked clown?

[Violent J]
Now I'm in a street gang, fifty-five strong
Everybody singing that southwest song
What can go wrong I mean I'm f***kin' in the haugh?
Popping that s***t, I'm finna bust you in the mouth
Nobody f***ks with a jokero juggalo
I don't give a f***k ya know, bitches I'm a f***k you though
But you know the s***t had to hit the fan
Some gangbanger shot me, man
Twice in the forehead, twice in the back
Twice in the eye and I'm feeling kinda whack
Stumbling along it's becoming entwined
Who's the next in line?
For the murder go round


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