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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Jacob's word

(Violent J talking)
This a... strange... (voices)... this, there's many, many voices in my head,
many different voices (some are like this) some are like this (some are like
this) some are like this (some are like this) some are like this, some are like
this (mumbling)

(Violent J)
I hear voices, one voice in paticular
It comes into my mind, perpendicular
Rectangular, it's a.. strangular
He's like some kind of mental f***' mangular... i dunno
He tells me to punch Esham and Shaggs
So I punch'em, I even call Twiztid fags
They get mad, slap me and smear my makeup
I've named this evil voice, named him Jacob
Jacob tells me "climb the ladder and jump off"
"Head first on the street, don't worry, it's soft"
So I jump, thump, i'm on a gurney
Jacob laughs at me "your so f***' nerdy"
F***k him, I hate him, I can't escape him!
I finally get alone, he calls me on the telephone
"Brrb" "is Violent J there? " here "hey it's Jacob! "
"I want you to p***s in your underware, ok bud? "
Sure, i'm p***sin' now, it f***' tickles
Jacobs dissin' again, I hear his giggles
After I cut all my fingers of for that mother f***r
I've finally had enough
Go see a doctor, Doc, hello
"Hi, have a seat, let's see umm... what is it.. Joe?
Yeah, Joe Bruce, my friends call my Chucky "Chucky? "
Either that or Bucky, F***k Me!!
I'm sorry Doc, it's Jacob again, my name's J
"Tell me J, who's this Jacob anyway? "
I f***g want him dead, it's a voice in my head
I gotta lotta voices, but this one's mislead
He tells me to drink toilet water an s***t
"Do you do it? " No.. YES!!
I can't help it though, I can't stop it
"J.. what I want you to do is drop it" Drop what?
"Your feelings of denial"
"I mean your an a***, let's face it, Jacob, he's got style" yea
"You should do... exactly what he tells you"
Even stab myslef? "yea, hells yea"
F***k man are you sure Doc? "sincerly"
"Now on your way out, pay my f***' secretary"
Wow, $300 bucks and i'm cured, it's obsurd
All I gotta do is wait for the word
Now I aint heard from ol' Jacob in a while
I'm at home jerkin' my dick off to Gilligains Isle when Bang!
He popped in "J, what's up homie? "
where you been Jacob, dawg it's been lonely
Doc say's I should roll wit' you, let's do this
"Alright, well let's start off with a glass of your own p***s! " wit' ice?
"No ice! " (slup sound) nice.. "Finsih up the whole glass, and repeat it twice!
All done "Let's go, put your shoes on! " where we goin' homie?
"To the graveyard! " what? "I want you to dig up a girlfreind"
Dig up a dead body? "I won't say it again! "
"You heard what the doctor said, f***' do it! "
Well f***k it, hand me my shovel and bucket
I dug the bitch, literally, I dug her
Her skin smelled like burnt rubber, I f***' love her
Took her corpse home, sat it on the couch
Jacob said "Now put her foot in your mouth! "
So I did and her toes smelled like fish chunks
That's been sitting out in the... sun for a couple a months
I didn't care though because Jacob told me to
"It's one more little thing that I want you to do" (what's that?)
"Lay down in the street and trip a semi wit'chya neck"
Trip a Semi-tru... bet!
There I was, i'm movin off.. just waitin
Ready to get rolled on like a Dayton
Here it comes, I stuck my f***' head out
Like this Jacob! "Yea, Pow! "
Boom, i'm in critical, I got minutes left
And I'm fightin' with death!
Why did the doctor tell me to listen to him?
I'm lay'd up 'bout to die, screw him!
Pick up the phone, Brrb! "Hello? "
Hi is me J, that one fat goofy weirdo
Yea listen, i'm about to die, why'd you tell me to follow his word?
"Cuz' he's a DarkMega, and your a nerd"
Well I hear you on that much ok.. but
What kinda f***' doctor are you anyway?
I mean your tellin' me i'm nothing but a scrub
"I thought you knew homie, this is doctor Jacob!! "

Ohh I get it, everybody have a laugh
I'm nothing but a sick, Homogetic mentalpath
I died right then and there I was never cured
I lived a s***tty life all thanks to Jacobs word
That Mother... "What!? " I didn't say nothing "Bulls***t bitch! "
I didn't say anything!
"How you gonna tell me? I'm in your head bitch! "
I was gonna compliment you! "But I hear everything! "
Well get outta my f***' head!
"F***k! , you heard what I just said! "
Get outta my.... f***'... head!.. aight?
My... f***g.. head "that's right, my head too, my head too! "
You have got your own f***' head!
I'm not... running around in your f***g brain!
" 'Cuz I aint got one bitch! " F***k you! "Eat your leg! "
I'm sorry.. "Eat you leg! " I'm sorry, not my leg
"Eat it bitch! " Leave my leg alone "Eat it! "

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