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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - I could

I could buy you a Lexus Truck, with a white leather interior, I could
I could kill off some bears and dogs and s***, just to make you a fur coat.
I could love you and treat you with cla*, and have babies fallin all out your a*,
but thinkin about that, i feel i'd rather kill you,
cause i got you in my car and you ain't goin nowhere bitch you dead.

(Chorus) x2

I'd rather cut that neck in half,
I'd rather choke out that bitch a*s
I'd rather chop and never stop;

I could take all the face paint off and get a real job workin for your dad, I could
I would rather take a 10 pound axe and stick it in your daddie's forhead
I could let you move into my house you'd f***k the neighbor wvery time I go out! and wipe his nut on
my pillow,
But I think I'd rather kill you, cause we parked all alone in this here dark alley way hey!

Chorus x2

I'm the one who killed your precious cat, and stuffed him in your f***kin mailbox,
If I only hadn't cut off my hair, I choke you with all my dread locks!
When I scream at the moon every night, you should have known something just ain't right
Cause I'm gonna slap you.... then I'm gonna kill you, Cause the Moon told me too and it's watching
us right now!!

Chorus x2

I could go back to school instead, and try to get my diploma,
I'd much rather bang you head off a wall until you fall into a coma!
Cause I can't get you out of my head.... I'd cut my head off, but then I would be dead!
And I ain't the only mutha f***ka thats dying! so let's just die togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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