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Get ya wicked on - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Get ya wicked on

[Shaggy 2 Dope (Violent J)]
I punch bitches in their fake titties (He Does)
I got warrants in like 8 cities (He does)
I like to murder those provokin (he does)
I swing quick, and leave a motherf***ker's throat hangin open
I drink the blood of a street rat (he does)
Yo, Monox Boogie where tha weed at
I got 18 plus speed (uh huh)
With a plus 2 dagger from the Tomb of Horrors, D&D
(We cave heads in wit a brick) We Do
We f***k hotties with tha same dick (we do)
(We eat power lines and generators) We do
One time we shut detroit city off for like 11 hours
(We the wickedest believe that) We do
Stevie Wonder-Bra can see that (***t he do)
(We'll rip your head off) and swing it by the hair
(Until we get blood everywhere) Motherf***ker getcha wicked on

[Chorus 2x]
We know you hate who we are, but even in Shangri-La
A wicked Clown gotta get they WICKED ON
(JD the Weedman with the Juggalo Crip Walk)

[Violent J (Shaggy 2 Dope)]
I'll drive a tank through your high school (he does)
I let the carnival high rule (he does)
I get sick like a crime story (he does)
Motherf***ker this tha Southwest Side Ghetto Territory
I can make a fist with your neck in it (he can)
I need my medication every 20 minutes (he does)
I store dead bodies all up under my house
And every night I hear 'em runnin they mouth gettin wicked on me
(Day-days on my black hearse) We do
Clown Love Juggalos First (they do)
(Red and black skullcaps everywhere)
With tha fresh face paint and the Twiztid hair
(We find peace at the graveyard) We do
Me and the Wraith sit and play cards (they do)
(So move out of our way) and get out of our path
(Or we'll saw your head in half) Motherf***ker getcha wicked on

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