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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Fat sweaty betty

W-w-w-w Why dont you go into the next room and start getting undressed.
whats ur pleasure? Why dont you go into the next room and start getting
undressed, W-w-w-w Whats your pleasure?

Fat Sweaty Betty you bitch aint nuthin new
Her ma's used to babysit me back when we was two
We'd go to the playground and to the skating rink
And we'd go under the bleachers and she'd let me hit the stank
Well uh, she moved across town and never came back
Until the other day I seen her at the Chicken Shack
She said her name was Betty I cant believe this s***t
The sexy little girl is now a fat sweaty beotch
She said "hey J, tell me how you been"
She had a piece of chicken gizzard stuck to her chin
I told her hold still and flicked it off her face
And said "Betty oh Betty what ya say we leave this place? "
I took her back to the crib and hit it all night
I let my fingers run across the rippled cellulite
Ewwww, it was nasty, but I dont let it bother me
She rolled over, f***n knocked the wind outta me
I coudnt breath she wouldnt stop, Im almost dead
I took the lamp and busted out her f***n head
We got dressed, I gave her little kiss goodbye
Fat Sweaty Betty, my fat sweaty pumpkin pie
Fat Sweaty Betty Tell me when your ready (x2)
Big fat slop of s***t people call Betty
Flaps of fat on the back her neck, sweaty
Boogers running out her nose all over her lips
Cant tell the difference from her titties to her hips
But f***k all that cuz I wanna see tha neden
I hadda see the cat, that she's uh cheeda chin
Rode my bike to her house, hey yo Betty let me in
Im packin some snack cakes, Bitch let me in
I can hear her commin down the stairs
She opened up tha door in her mutha f***n underwears
Ewww, s***t f***k that I'm turnin back
But no the door shut and she going for tha cake snacks
I said relax hoe, Im here on business
You can have tha candy but first you gotta wait a bit
I need a favor, come on Betty drop them drawers
Ahhhh, I knew it, Betty had balls
Oh no, here come that a*s
From the top of the dresser with the Yokozuna Splash
I wish I never came, Oh boy do I wish
She fat sweaty Betty, the sweaty fat bitch
Fat sweaty betty, tell me when your ready (x2)
fat sweaty betty
(violent Jay in the forground and still a repeat of "fat sweaty betty" in the
I know you like speghetti, I know you like speghetti so tell me when you ready
I know you like speghetti, I know you like speghetti so tell me when your ready
Tell me when your ready, tell me when your ready for a cheese burger, pizzapie,
t. v. dinner, chicken baby
I gits it all, I gits it all for ya baby
I work at FarmerJack on tha dinner floor baby
I bring it home, I cook it in the microwave
I feed it to ya, just let me get some sticky scave
Cuz I dont care, I wanna hit tha cellilite
I hit tha cellilite for uh turkey beverlite
Cuz I dont care and no Im not afraid to cook
Take off your shoes and let me lick your dirty foot
I rub ya down, I rub ya down tha right way
I hear uh buzzer, apple pie's in tha microwave
I work at FarmerJack, I work at AMP, and yes I know my heavy baby wanna be with
Ya wanna be with me, ya wanna be with me, ya want some chilli cheese fries and
uh hogey
I tell her wait, wait till tha time is right
Let me count tha purple bubbles in your cellelite
Ya want some BurgerKing, ya want some HungryJack, ya want some Jellybeans, ya
want uh scoobysnack, ya want some Dominoes, ya want uh MilkyWay
Ya gotta kick it to tha suga daddy Violent J
Ya want some LuckyCharms, ya want some mashed potatoes, let me hit tha skins
now and I'll meetcha lata
Because I know, I know ya want uh lunchable, somethin crunchable, somethin
How bout some TacoBell, how bout a pizza slice, how bout some chicken fingers
and a bowl of minute rice
(Fat Sweaty Betty <~~ repeated)...

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