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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - F***k the world (clean)

Huff Huff this stuff you know what I'm sayin' Huff give it to me

If I only could I'd set the world on fire ohhhhhhh huff it
If I only could I'd set the world on fire ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh

Chorus: If I only could I'd set the world on fire say HUFF THE WORLD (Huff the
World) If I only could I'd set the world on fire say HUFF EM ALL (HUFF EM ALL)

Huff you huff me and huff us
huff Tom huff Mary and huff Gus
huff Darius
huff the westcoast and huff everybody on the east eat stuff and die
or huff off atleast
huff preschoolers huff rollas kings and queens and gold jewlers
huff wine coolas huff chicken huff ducks everybody in your crew sucks
huff muthahuffs huff critics huff your review even if you like huff you
huff your mom huff your moms momma huff the Beastie Boys and the Dali Llama
huff Rain Forests huff a Forrest Gump you probably like it in the rump
huff a shoe pump huff the real deal and huff and huff all the fakes
huff all 52 states ohhhhh and huff you

Chorus x2

Huff Oprah, Huff opera, Huff a soap opera
Huff a pop locker and a ock blocker
Huff your girlfriend, I probably did her already
Huff Kyle and his brother Tom Petty, Jump Steady
My homie huff 'em what are ya gonna do
huff that nitch man huff you
Yeah well huff you to
Don't bother to analyze these rhymes
In this song I say huff 93 times
huff the president, huff your welfare
huff your government and huff Fred Bear
huff Nugent, like anybody gives a huff
You like to hunt a lot, SO HUFFIN WHAT!
Huff disco, count a Monty Mrisco
Huff Sisqo, and Jack and Jerry Brisco
And huff everyone that went down
With the titanic, in a panic
I'm like, HUFF YOU ALL!!!!

Chorus x2

Huff Celine Dion and Huff Deion Walrick
You both make me sick, huff my dick
Huff the Berlin wall, both sides of it
And Huff Lyle Loveitt, whoever the huff that is
Huff everybody in the hemisphere
Huff them across the world and Huff them right here
You know the guy who operates the
Rouge river draw bridge in Delray on Jefferson?
Huff your idea, huff your gonarea,
Huff your diareaha, Rocky Miavia
Huff your wife your homie did he's huffin you
Huff the police and the 502
Huff Spin, Rolling Stone, and Huff Vibe
Huff everybody inside
Whoevers on the cover, Huff his mother
Huff your little brother's homie from along the way
And huff Violent J

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