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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - F***k off

Wicked wicked wicked bitch (x3)
Well it's on, it's on like neden hoe f***k
I'm 2 Dope and I'm f***kin drunk
Walked in the joint with my nuts hangin out my drawers
All I wanna do is choke a bitch
Roll up a jiffy and smoke the bitch
I dropped outta school when I quit my job
All I wanna be is a fat f***kin slob
I don't care about none of you bitches
Shut the f***k up and drop your britches (bitch)
Cuz I'm robbin a bank
So I don't give a f***k about what none of ya think
When I do show I wreck the place
I run around the stage kickin bitches in the face
Cuz I ain't nuthin soft
So you and your boys can straight, F***K OFF!
(4x) Suck my nuts Bitch f***k you
When I was 8 I was on crack
I had Ms. Powtrain on the back F***n every school,
every grade I turned that old bitches neden hair gray,
he he he Cuz the Dope is all that
My mamma's a witch and my dads a hunch back
And nobody could f***k with me
I used to drive a hearse to school G
With a stiff hangin out the back
Bitch you wouldn't know s***t about that
That was one thing that I hate
It's always been hard for me to find a date
Cuz I sure was nice and neat
Then I strangle 'em in the back seat
Cuz if you know the Shaggs ain't soft
If you don't like it you can, F***K OFF!
What's up? Violent J The Southwest Juggala
You know what I'm sayin?
I walk into a bitches house walk up to they mom
Grab 'em by the face and say, f***k off!
(4x) Suck my nuts Bitch F***k you
I'm Violent J the mutha f***kin blood suckin vampire
Please stomp on my head cuz it's on fire
I got another funky rhyme so let me kick it
I walk up like a mental case
And start throwin left hooks at your face
I won't mix no rap with rock and roll
Like somebody else I know
Bitch boy you can suck my sack After that you can kiss my a*s crack
And them freaks, you ain't all that
Titties aint s***t but sacks are fat, bitch
Cuz if you really wanna know what I think I think your neden stank like a fish tank
So in the early cracks of dawn
Taken two fat sacks of s***t and get the f***k on
Best leave me a dollar for Faygo,
bitch Or I'm a have to bust you in your f***kin lips
Next time you think I'm soft I hope you remember to, F***K OFF!
Suck my nuts Bitch f***k you

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