Blaaam! - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
Blaaam! - versuri Insane Clown Posse |
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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - Blaaam!

Violent J: What? I represent Delray! (DELRAY!)
Anybody Killa: So? Violent J: SOUTHWEST SIDE!

This Gypsy aunt of mine, You're the lucky one
She died and left behind, an anicent piece of time
I didn't know what it was, You're the lucky one
Knuckle deep in dust, edges played with rust
I started to get p***, You're the lucky one
This lamp is all I get, a worthless piece of s***t
But when I rubbed it clean, You're the lucky one
A Genie popped on the scene, brought true my every dream

I was like BLAAAM! (Free hoes!)
BLAAAM! (Nyquil!)
BLAAAM! (Faygo!)
Anything I want
I was like BLAAAM! (Sharp axe!)
BLAAAM! (Good weed)
BLAAAM! (Hot tracks!)
Everything I need

Now I'm in a fizzle, You're the lucky wizzle
Hotties on the nizzle, still a Juggalizzle
I drive a platinum car, You're the lucky one
It has a tennis court and a bar, you know who I are
Money out the a*, You're the lucky one
I'm wishing while it last, Genie's moving fast

I was like BLAAAM! (Free hoes!)
BLAAAM! (Necks cut!)
BLAAAM! (My shank!)
Anything I want
I was like BLAAAM! (Hot wings!)
BLAAAM! (Good weed)
BLAAAM! (Big thangs!)
Everything I need

Now I am a king, You're the lucky one
I have everything, nothing's challenging
Nothing makes me proud, You're the lucky one
I stand out in the crowd, while others beg out loud
I remember when, You're the lucky one
Money was so thin, but dreams were all up in
Looking at the lamp, You're the lucky one
Would I give it all back? S***, fool, give me that

(Chorus) I'll be like BLAAAM! (Bitch slaps!)
BLAAAM! (Cheap wine!)
BLAAAM! Dub H! (Waffle House)
Anything I want
I'll be like BLAAAM! (Half pipe!)
BLAAAM! (Good weed!)
BLAAAM! (Moonlight)
Everything I need

BLAAAM! The moral of the story is
BLAAAM! Those who never had s***t
BLAAAM! And then get s***t WHAT? Need to get s***t
BLAAAM! So if you got s***t
BLAAAM! Or you need s***t
BLAAAM! Get some s***t! GO GET YOUR S***!
F***k this s***t, where Shaggy D at?

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