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Versuri Insane Clown Posse - 85 bucks an hour

chillin at the studio
chillin at the studio 85 bucks an hour, so hurry up and loop a beat mike, come
I'm violent j but my homies call me s***-head, but thats my homies to you im'
violent j bitch, i put my boys on a track enen though they suck
"yo dog i'm dave, and i don't give a f***"
i did a record deal, signed a contract, technically for island i can only rap
but f***k that wit twiztid i'ma still spit, even though i got a cold and i sound
like s***t
what the f***k was that, f***k it, leave it in that s***t is phat, ya heard this
beat 80 times i'ma still freak it and if ya notice my s***t don't even rhyme!
look at that, i aint even got a rap and it's still phat, my s***t went gold i
got fat nutz and ur still flyerin parking lots, ya might say, my vocals are up
too loud, so i'ma turn 'em up louder to p***s you off! Psychopathic records are
genuisses, get off our p****, here comes the chorus but i got no hook,
instead i'll just f***k wit the phone book
hello hairy sacks please?
Hairy hey this is slim a**s down at the cannery uh, Dick Shooter left a
boulintin, something about uh, you fillin in his slot tonight down at the uh
garage, we got a casement of fudge we need as many packers as we can get uh uh
my name is jamie madrox and i got fat balls, i'm always urinatin in the motel
halls, i got a big head the never fits a hat, so you aint see me wearin a damn
thing green bitch i'm far from rich i got a hooptie, with a smash in the fender
and in the back tube, i got a broken tail light and i'll smash you bitch get
outta my way we got clown love phat props to the lyrical Tom Dub

it's the M-O, N-O and i can't even spell the rest, it takes too long and i need
a f***king cigarette, i can't hear my right ear's mad wack so shut the f***k and
listen or get an a*s kickin, i slap hoes and call 'em bitches to their face,
and scream to "f***k off bitch! Twiztid in the place" so back up recognize and
check nuts, cuz simply my dear i don't give a f***k!!
yo this Mo Styles in the peace wussup son?
hey wussup son i'm looking for this deal ya know what i'm sayin i got raps ta
bust for yall, yall ready for Mo Styles i'm i'm bout kick this flow you rady
for this s***t or what?
who's this?
i'm Mo Styles straight from the hood i got all my peoples on 1800 and Crenshaw
we coming hard
(bring it bring it bring it bring it!)
My names 2 dope and sometimes shaggy, sometimes shaggs and sometimes gweedy i
gets mad stupid i gets mad ill and i done it all fine f***k i do the spill
strech my nuts back like a slingshot and plant 'em in ur mouth stretch my hip
like elvis wigglin my pelvis, last kid that stepped i applied the kama punched
stretched it back like a mutha f***kin bungy jumper WAIT!!
i'm violent j back to make ya smile more, i let my nut sack drag on the tile
floor, i kick free-styles for miles my gold comes in piles, i worked on Bell
Isle, i picked up deer s***t, and i now i spit raps, i snap ya neck, cuz my
freestyles are fresh...

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