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Versuri INNA - Fool me

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

And now summer is gone and we are drunk in love
But you're going away,
Boy, don't get me wrong, I'm just a girl in love
And I want you to stay.

So just fool me, fool me, fool me,
That is all I'm asking for,
Here to watch your body tempo
Cause you won't be here no more,
Can't you see my heart is beating
Like it never did before?
You're the one.

Tried to keep my heart from falling, yeah!
Oh! No way to resist it, no!

I am dreaming of a life
Where I will let you know,
why I love you so,
Cause I'm melting in your eyes,
I can let you know,
Why can't I let you go?

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