Vermillion rush - versuri Inkubus Sukkubus |
Vermillion rush - versuri Inkubus Sukkubus |
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Versuri Inkubus Sukkubus - Vermillion rush

Rush with fury and flame in the darkest night
Rent the sky with your pure, preternatural light
You would come to deliver your sacred gift
Leave us not 'til we've tasted your divine kiss
Leave your pain, leave your joy, leave your suffering
Show what life could become if we let you in
Crash with rage upoin those who are slumbering
Warm the night with the fire of vitality

Drink deep the sweet cerise
Sleep in divinity

We are one, we are all, we are evermore
We are life, we are death, we are Hades' call
With the darkness there's light of a different sort
You can see, you can smell, you can taste it all
Take my hand, take my hand, travel with me now
Over sea, over land, through the darkest hour
We shall see, we shall smell, we shall taste, devour
There is fun to be had, I will show you how

Come with me, come with me, travel with me now
You will see life anew, I will show you how
Come with me, come with me, travel with me now
You will die, you will rise if you'd just allow
You have lived as a man, now try something new
It's a gift that is given the chosen few
Unknown power and delight I will give to you
You could never imagine what we can do

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