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Vampyre erotica - versuri Inkubus Sukkubus |
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Versuri Inkubus Sukkubus - Vampyre erotica

Your heart burns for love
My soul burns for blood
I? ll take you, I? ll break you
I? ll crush you, I? ll break you
If you want me, I? ll need you
I? ll kill you, feed from you
I? ll take you down that road
That leads to destruction
Come and take a walk with me
Where the angels fear to tread
Kiss the flame, feel the pain
In the furnace of our love
I can? t feed my hunger
Your youth makes me younger
I? ll hurt you, desert you
Turn your dreams to nightmares
I? ll cheat you, I? ll eat you
I? ll maim you, I? ll drain you
Come to me, come to me
To the dark side where love sleeps
I? ll hurt you, you? ll love me
I? ll scratch you, I? ll cut you
You? ll kiss me, then miss me
I? ll laugh at your torment
I? ll have you, and own you
Be hard and cold to you
I? ll be your dark angel
I? ll be your worst nightmare

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