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Versuri Indigo Girls - High horse

You had your chance to show affection
You had your chance to give me more
And now that she's found new direction
You make your way to my back door
What makes you think the whole world wants you
Give steel a kiss and it will bend
The flesh is weak, but when all is said and done
Spirit's all that's left in the end
If you have to saddle your high horse
Go on and ride out of my sight
You never had the time of day for me
And now you want to spend the night
You're big with the come-on like it's no big deal
(no big deal to you)
You let the wild wind blow your course
I do not want the dirt from your shoes
Or from the hooves of your high horse
The way I see it, there are few things left
To hold on to and keep your head
Your sense of humor and integrity
There's nothing funny about what's being said
There was a day when I would let myself be trampled
As long as it was done by you
But I took so much abuse, now I've had ample
There's no way that you'll break through

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