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Versuri Indigo Girls - Erase the pain

Time, where have you left me?
Here - without a heart
Without an answer
I tried to open my eyes
I tried to see the song
All things considered
This much remains the same
Hit that wall again
The same old barrier
Time after time I've tried to glimpse the other side
Oh, and time surely made me see
I was taking your love so carelessly
Now we know
Though it doesn't do much good anymore
I still feel the old, familiar pain
It could be that love is blind
I was blind to all your reasoning
But, at the start, you were blind to me
Now, I guess you could say we're even
But isn't that what we always wanted to be?
Putting our souls on the line to win this game
I'm feeling the strain
Now, I'll always love you
Through all this distance
All these barriers
Trying to erase the pain
Erase the pain
Erase the pain

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