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Plants of the bizarre - versuri Incubator |
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Versuri Incubator - Plants of the bizarre

Whipering - from a part inside
Of you laughing in a dream
Which may be true
Plants - of - the - bizarre
You feel a act of misery
Those gluttonous
Are tasting lovely meat
This kind of evil was born
By sins - sins
You're damned
To suffering
In a world of
Horrible illusions
Disfigure me condemned
To pray
That what I see is
The expulsion of my soul
My flesh is burning still
My tears are falling hard
The tomb of love is
Psycho terror
My life is just a
Crippled error
So stand up and touch
My greens
My power will destroy
Your last human signs
Plants of the bizarre
Gastric juice comes out
Of you
You screaming
Loud I am laughing still
Oh, father see these doors
Are closed for me
I can't escape what shall I do
My loniest wish
Is to escape
This place is hot
And I shall burn
The - plants - of - the - bizarre

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