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Versuri Incognito - A shade of blue

(j. p. maunick)

A lifetime waiting for the light to shine
Suddenly you were here, like an angel appeared
And the world that i knew changed into a wonderland
Then you called out my name, looked around and i found you were gone
Like the rays of the sun, disappeared into never ending nights

Where everything real has turned to stone
And the songbird has flown (you're gone)
Now i know a rose can change a shade of blue
Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
A shade of blue

My body's hurting, crying and yearning
Sometimes i feel like i'm loosing my mind
And i think about you, knowing only you could understand
Here alone in my room, i can feel all the walls closing in
Feeling trapped in a shell, wishing that i could spin the wheels of change


Repeat (fade)

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