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Versuri Impiety - Bloodred angelshred

The cruelties
So profound
The sacred art of rape and carve

Tender flightless wings, all hacked to pieces

Beheading all
Of those in white
We reap their flesh!

Of divinity
Commence crucifucking worthless dying angels!

Seraphic desecration
Behead them one by one

Perversive retribution
Devour their sacred c***s

Angels, you shall not fly
Angels, you bleed in vain to die
Angels, we feast on you
Descending death-assault under shadows

Let the holy blood flow torrential
Brutally drain these ugly w****s
Celestial sentinals of christ have lost

Black blood necro-fornication
Horned beasts thrust and sodomize
Violently feasting, tonight

On their pathetic faces
Fornicate them all!

Slaying, butchering
Shredding, hammering
Reigning barbarities
Demonic perversities

Bloodred angelshred!
Bloodred angelshred!

Impaled up high and inverted
Vulgarly disfigured
Excelerated demise!
To satiate infernal lust
Ravaged corpses decaying
A devilish feast!

None of them will survive
All of them will but die
Creations now undivine
Demonz and deathlords of slaughter, prey their fate
Desecrating eternal
(their) Enraptured grace

Shred them all!

Beheading all
Of those in white
We reap their flesh!

Surrender of divinity
Commence crucifucking worthless dying angels
Shred and devour

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